What are you still doing here?
I put all my fun stuff on
Impossibly Stupid
these days.
Go there now!

Note: I think the WWW is currently more hype and fluff than quality content. If you’re not part of the solution, you likely don’t have a link to it either.
Fuck: I wrote the above over 10 years ago, and I still don’t feel a need to change it. How bloody depressing is that?

Information about me

Yeah, pretend you care. All you really need to know is that I am impossibly stupid.

So I registered impossiblystupid.com a while ago hoping to eventually do something creative with it, because I almost never update just this page. Over the last couple years I’ve gathered a number of impossibly stupid topics I could write a column about regularly, but I keep putting off installing the likes of WordPress to get it going. Well, now might be the time if I get positive feedback for my entry into Bruce Schneier’s Third Annual Movie-Plot Threat Contest. For some added fun, here is a quick 45 second reading of the entry that I made on my XO laptop to fully imbue it with the smarmy announcer tone it rightly deserves: NOrifice OGG

Projects I’m working on

A modular scheduling daemon. The beta version, which will be shareware, is currently under development.
The source for the alpha version (0.0.1) is available here
Project GRID
Looking forward to a future when computing resources are shared like electricity. I haven’t had much time to gather information on this, so additional links would be appreciated.
Given my Objective-C interest, it was inevitable. Here I informally document my experiences with OPENSTEP for Mach.

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