High Byte
(With inspiration from and apologies to John Gillespie Magee, Jr.)

Oh, I have SLIPed the joyous domains of cyberspace,
And roamed remote hosts' silky-soft Web dreams.
Forward I've surged with forethought and grace
On net-split streams - and pinged a hundred machines
You do not know of - logged and routed and hung
Dark but for monitor's glow. Sitting there I
Traced the packet flow back and flew
My able box over formless oceans of ether.
Killed, killed the endless war of flame
I've removed the mindless spam with ease
Where never logic nor wit rested-
And I, inspired by unseen forces, climbed
Towering virtual mountains of the mind,
Put out a finger, and touched the face of root.

Copyright © 1997-1999 Doc O'Leary