About libdoobjects

libdoobjects is my personal object library. It is roughly based on classes I had written for C++ which I have converted over to Objective-C. The early, unreleased versions inherited from the standard Object.h while the release versions will inherit from NSObject.h. My code will slowly disappear as I integrate more closely with libobjects.

I considered releasing all of libdoobjects along with AgentD, but as I've become more familar with libobjects, I find myself needing my full object library less. I have instead included the few necessary classes in the the AgentD source code. I may still release libdoobjects, if only to give people learning Objective-C a simpler start that trying to make sense of libobjects' source. Then again, people new to Objective-C should probably do what I did and re-invent the wheel as a part of learning process.